This section contains the guide to Nexus Akraino Repository.

What is Nexus Akraino Repository:

It is a repository provided by Linux Foundation, on which the logs need to be pushed by each blueprint through Jenkins. To push the logs continuous integration continuous delivery/deployment (CICD) helps you get your blueprint an approval by the Akraino committee.

How to get access of Nexus Akraino Repository? 

Before applying for the access rights, you need to:

  • have a Linux Foundation ID:
    • Recommendation: Please create an ID specifically for this purpose at Linux Foundation ID, rather than using a personal Linux Foundation ID 
  • think of a log directory name, where you plan to push logs through Jenkins:
    • Recommendation: Provide a name like pred-vanet-mec, where:
  • submit a ticket at JIRA with the

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