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New Blueprint for the Edge

Blueprint Family - Proposed Name

It is an independent blueprint, NOT a blueprint family yet.

Use Case

MEC platform used for Connected Vehicle.

Blueprint proposed Name

Connected Vehicle Blueprint

Initial POD Cost (capex)

The Minimum Configuration:  4 Servers in total

MEC Platform(1 Server) + 1 App Server(1 Server)+ 2 Simulators(2 Server)

Scale & Type

Up to 4 Arm/X86 server


The MEC platform which can be used to connect vehicles, the general data flows are itemized below:
1)Grab the traffic/vehicle information
2)Dispatch the traffic/vehicle information to the corresponding edge process unit. Note well: The dispatch policy can be configurable.
3)Process the data in the Edge or Cloud and figure out the suggested action item for the vehicle driver
4)Send the suggested action items to the vehicle driver

Power Restrictions

Less than 6KW.

The Maximum Power consumption for each server is around 1500W,  1500 * 4 = 6000W

Infrastructure orchestration

Docker + K8s
VM and OpenStack/StarlingX





Workload Type

Bare metal,  VM,  Container

Additional Details


ETSI MEC Spec.  ComplianceInterface of Mp1 and  Mm5 is referneced in implementation.


Connected Vehicle Blueprint

Each initial blueprint is encouraged to take on at least two committers from different companies

Tencent, Arm, Intel, Nokia

Complete all templates outlined in these documents

Detailed in this slide

A lab with the exact configuration required by the blueprint to connect with Akraino CI and demonstrate CD. Users should demonstrate either an existing lab or the funding and commitment to build the needed configuration.

A test and simulation lab will be provided in Tencent Cloud Silicon Valley.

Blueprint is aligned with the Akraino Edge Stack Charter

All opensource, Edge use case,

Aligned with the Akraino Charter

Blueprint code that will be developed and used with Akraino repository should use only open-source software components either from upstream or Akraino projects.

Yes, all open source.

For new blueprints submission, the submitter should review existing blueprints and ensure it is not a duplicate blueprint and explain how the submission differs. The functional fit of an existing blueprint for a use case does not prevent an additional blueprint being submitted.

An edge platform for deploying connected vehicle applications does not exist in Akraino yet.


Connected Vehicle Blueprint

Name of the project is appropriate(no trademark issues etc.); Proposed repository name is all lower-case without any special characters.

Connected Vehicle Blueprint

Project contact name, company, and email are defined and documents

TaoWang, Tencent

Description of the project goal and its purpose are defined.

Establishing a MEC edge platform for connected vehicle use cases.

Scope and project plan are well defined.

The target for Release2, 30 July 2019.

Resource committed and available

There is a team, resources, and lab in place.

Contributors identified

Tencent, Arm, Intel, Nokia

Initial list of committers identified

(elected/proposed by initial contributors)

Tencent, Arm, Intel, Nokia

Meets Akraino TSC policies

The project will operate in a transparent, open, collaborative, and ethical manner at all the times.

Proposal has been socialized with potentially interested or affected projects and/or parties

Have already reached a consensus with sponsors.
Talk with chair/co-char

Cross Project Dependencies.

OpenStack, K8s, Docker, DPDK, openNESS, OVS et al.

As per the Akraino Community process and directed by TSC, a blueprint which has only one nominee for Project Technical Lead (PTL) will be the elected lead once at least one committer seconds the nomination after the close of nominations. If there are two or more, an election will take place.

Self Nominations start 23 April and go through 29 April

A list of team members is located here.

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