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Oleg Berzin, Akraino TSC Co-Chair and PCEI PTL, is selected as Akraino Contact Person for ETSI MEC at the Akraino TSC meeting on June 3rd 2021.

Invited Dario Sabella  and Walter Featherstone ETSI MEC DECODE WG Chair to add content.

ETSI MEC is developing APIs for the Edge in a number of spaces, including Run-time Edge Application Services.   A public web site for ETSI MEC is found here:   Among other useful information, the site links to a public overview deck that provides a summary of all the group's activities.  The deck is here: Deck Link.  The group's portal with full work detail is here ETSI MEC Portal (not all information is publicly accessible on the portal).  

All completed APIs - including a number of key Run-time API's are available on the group's OpenAPI hub hosted on ETSI's Forge site, best accessed via gitlab  

The currently available APIs (as of July 4, 2019) are: 

A partial list of relevant Akraino blueprints and projects (accurate as of July 4, 2019)

ETSI MEC and LF Edge Akraino Collaboration Plan

ETSI MEC and LF Edge Akraino Joint Hackathon 2022

Hackathon Proposal Document

Hackathon Proposal and Planning Presentation

Note: this is a working document and will be updated based on the work of the Hackathon Organazing Committee (HOC)

Hackathon Overview:

Call for Developers document

Hackathon kick-off presentation at Edge Computing World Europe - June 22, 2022

ETSI MEC Tech Series Podcasts

As part of the ETSI MEC - Akraino Collaboration Plan Akraino speakers are invited to paticipate in the ETSI MEC Tech Series podcasts. The podcasts episodes are published by ETSI MEC ISG on a monthly basis.

The series is available from ETSI’s YouTube site – the Tech Series itself can be accessed directly from :

The Episode #7 was posted in April 2022 and featured a talk by Akraino's Oleg Berzin on "DevOps MEC Infrastructure Orchestration" showcasing the Akraino PCEI Blueprint and its relation to MEC Infrastructure deployment, MEC Federation as well as the orchestration of MEC Services.

MEC-TECH-SERIES_epN - DevOps MEC Infra Orchestration v0.4.mp4

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