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It is possible to build ISO images on a simple Centos VM (with only 8GB memory) and it should work easily. Please report problems on the mailing list with tag #rec

If building for the first time, one needs to install the docker-ce and libguestfs tools (exact commands and list in the ta-ci-build job config).

For subsequent builds:

$ git clone ""

$ git clone ""

$ ./build-tools/ -m ./manifest -w ./work

The rest of the shell scripts you see in the ta-ci-build job are the necessary overheads for the LF logs and ISO uploads.

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  1. Hi,
    I follow the given build steps of rec image and created qcow2 image of REC. Need some help on below....
    1. Credential not working, can anyone please provide default Username and password of this qcow2 image
    2. locally generated qcow2 image size is <1gb, while install.iso size is >3gb. why..?

  2. These commands are hopefully an accurate synopsis of what Jenkins is doing, but we actually use Jenkins instead of these instructions. You can see the full Jenkins job here:

    If successful, you should not be building a qcow2 file, that's just an intermediary piece that is not intended for standalone use. You should be building two ISO files, build.iso and install.iso. If the build completes successfully and you actually boot off of the install.iso file, you should reach a screen where you can configure an IP address (assuming you're connected to the real or virtual console of the machine (i.e. via a VGA port or via something like a BMC, iDRAC, iLO, etc)) without needing any credentials. Then you should be able to provide your desired username and password in a YAML file following the example here:;a=blob;f=userconfigtemplate/user_config.yaml;hb=refs/heads/master