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  • Review use cases development plan
  • Review Blog


  • The team reviewed Use Case for UPF Distribution and Local Break-out
    • Add 4G interfaces to the use case architecture (Oleg Berzin - added)
    • Gao Chen proposed to review/align with 3GPP interfaces
    • Oleg Berzin clarified Wei Chen question on "UPF Interconnect" - does not mean the N9 UPF-UPF interface. Means the networking connectivity for UPF SGi/N6 interface to connect to Edge Compute and Clouds
  • The team reviewed draft PCEI Blog
    • Jane Shen commented that Akraino whitepaper "Cloud Interfacing at the Telco Edge" has many commonalities with the PCEI Blog
    • Oleg Berzin received a copy of Akraino whitepaper from Jane Shen and provided comments
      • The team may need to provide an updated description of PCEI to Akraino TSC for the paper
    • Jane Shen suggested that a PCEI-specific white paper may be beneficial (in addition to the blog)
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