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Deployment configuration API

The main user facing configuration API of REC is called "user configuration". This YAML API is only available during cluster installation, but exposes the biggest number of parameters to users.

Only a subset of the user configuration attributes can be changed in runtime through the external REC cluster management REST API.

The exact schema of the user configuration API is version controlled, thus lives in its REC Gerrit repository.

Runtime APIs

The REC Architecture Document includes a list of upstream components which are included in the REC and many of those have APIs, but this wiki page will not attempt to duplicate API documentation which is provided elsewhere. Future releases of Radio Edge Cloud may add additional APIs, but as an integration project the primary objective is to package, test and tune a specific set of upstream components. Consequently, most of the APIs will be provided by the upstream components.

REC does not directly expose these APIs on its external network interface, but it is possible for an authorized user to access them internally (e.g. Kubernetes API, Docker API etc.). REC always integrates the latest production-ready versions of its upstream components, and follows the life-cycle -including their deprecation policy- of the upstream projects.

Besides the internally available upstream APIs, REC also exposes some REST APIs on its own for operators. See child pages for the exact API descriptions. 

Akraino Release 1 provides the Remote Installer, and AAA external cluster management APIs.

Akraino Release 2 makes it possible to dynamically configure the logging capabilities of the infrastructure.

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