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The bulk of Radio Edge Cloud as of Akraino Release 1 is entirely made up of components of the Telco Appliance Blueprint Family because REC is the first instance of this blueprint family. The TA family consists of source code repositories starting with the prefix "ta/" and can be found by searching the Akraino Gerrit using this URL: and code reviews across all these repositories may be found using this URL:

The Radio Edge Cloud itself can be found in this repository: which consists primarily of a YAML file that is input to the new (as of Akraino Release 1) release of the Regional Controller which now uses a YAML file as input for learning how to deploy new types of blueprints. The purpose of the YAML file is to inform the Regional Controller of where to find executable workflows and other resources. As of Akraino Release 1 there is one REC workflow, the create workflow, which uses the ISO DVD images generated by the Akraino Jenkins Continuous Integration system (driven by the Telco Appliance Jenkins Jobs in;a=tree;f=jjb/ta;h=15c15cc0cebff25fdf61b6a0c95885a8e7fd41f1;hb=HEAD and stored in Nexus) and the TA Remote Installer (;a=tree ) to deploy the REC.

Future development of Radio Edge Cloud will include additional workflows as well as enhancements to the Telco Appliance Blueprint Family. O-RAN's RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) has currently released its "Release Zero" and is anticipated to produce a Release 1 of its own later this year. The REC workflows and Continuous Deployment testing will expand to include future RIC releases and full appliance functional and performance testing as they become available.

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