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Project Technical Lead: Paul Carver. Elected 1/17/19.

Project Committers detail:

Initial Committers for a project will be specified at project creation. Committers have the right to commit code to the source code management system for that project.

A Contributor may be promoted to a Committer by the project’s Committers after demonstrating a history of contributions to that project.

Candidates for the project’s Project Technical Leader will be derived from the Committers of the Project. Candidates must self nominate by marking "Y" in the Self Nominate column below by Jan. 16th. Voting will take place January 17th.

Only Committers for a project are eligible to vote for a project’s Project Technical Lead.

Please see Akraino Technical Community Document section 3.1.3 for more detailed information.





Contact Info

 Committer BioCommitter Picture 

Self Nominate for PTL (Y/N)

Tapio Tallgren




Gabor Szabo

Levente Kale

Baha Mesleh

Raghurama Mandru

Chandra Rangavajjula

Paul Carver


Paul Carver has been involved in AT&T's cloud architecture since 2012, OpenStack since 2013, and OpenContrail since 2014. Prior to it being called "cloud" Paul designed, deployed and supported datacenter and WAN IP networks for a cloud-like interactive voice response system built out of rack after rack of x86 and Sparc servers as far back as 2002. And before that Paul worked on central office hardware and call center software. Most recently Paul has been a leading participant in the transition of OpenContrail into the Tungsten Fabric project under the Linux Foundation Networking umbrella. The Akraino project is perfectly suited to Paul's breadth of experience across telco infrastructure, software development and Open Source community dynamics.


 Kandan KathrivelAT&T

Mike Hunter


 John CraigAT&T

 Deepak KatariaAT&T


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