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SEBA Blueprint is a member of the Telco Appliance blueprint family and provides an appliance tuned to support the ONF SDN-enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) platform.  The SEBA blueprint utilizes a reusable set of modules introduced by the first example of the Telco Appliance blueprint family, Radio Edge Cloud (REC)The first use case of the SEBA blueprint is for virtual broadband access using XGS-PON.  XGS-PON is a 10-Gbps symmetric passive optical network, standardized in the G.987.x series of ITU-T Recommendations.

The project includes the hardware, operating system, IaaS, and CaaS layers. It is also natively integrated with Regional Controller (Akraino Feature Project) for “zero touch” deployment of SEBA to edge sites.

Note: This is the first release for the SEBA Blueprint.

Supported hardware types

Included major 3rd party software components

  • CentOS 7.6 with LTS Kernel 4.14
  • Docker 19.03.2
  • Kubernetes 1.16.0
  • DANM 4.0
  • Ceph 12.2
  • Helm 2.14.3
  • CPU-Pooler 0.3
  • Prometheus 2.11
  • Elasticsearch 6.7
  • Fluentd 1.6
  • Ironic 10.1.4
  • Keystone 13.0.2
  • VOLTHA 1.6
  • NEM
  • ONOS 1.13.5

SEBA software components

This release of the SEBA blueprint uses all of the components of the REC software without any customization.  The install uses the REC iso from Build 185.  For addition detail on the REC software components, please reference the Radio Edge Cloud Documentation

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