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Industry Sector


Business driver

Cyber physical systems which combine sensor network with computing to monitor and control the physical environment become popular. The bandwidth of the sensor network depends on use cases. Large amounts of data from large amounts of sensor nodes will pressure the NW bandwidth between edge and clouds. Therefore, we need to have a means to optimize each NW bandwidth according to use cases. This blueprint propose a solution for NW bandwidth optimization.

Business use cases

Smart city, agriculture, interactive live sports

Business Cost - Initial Build Cost Target Objective

Depends on use cases. E.g. Monitoring sewerage water level
Gateway:$3000 Sensor node:$2500 Water level sensor:$1500

Business Cost – Target Operational Objective

Depends on use cases.
・Power consumption and management for sensor node and gateway ・Cloud etc…

Security need

The sensor node and gateway will be used outdoors in untrusted environment and it handles potentially privacy-sensitive data such as live video. Therefore, the device needs to support trusted boot, trusted key storage, and encrypted communication.


Depends on use cases. E.g. Monitoring sewerage water level

There are several environmental design guidelines.(IPx7, etc..)

Other restrictions

Depending on use cases, there can be other requirements.

Additional details


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