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Team Info

Project Technical Lead

Bill Zvonar.  Elected 1/17/19.




Contact Info

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Bill ZvonarWind


Bruce Jones



Dariush EslimiWind

Alex KozyrevWind




Blueprint Proposal

StarlingX Far Edge Distributed Cloud Blueprint Proposal

Blueprint Specification

StarlingX Far Edge Distributed Cloud Blueprint Specification

Rel 1 Documentation

Rel 1 Self-Certification Status

See StarlingX Far Edge Distributed Cloud Documentation for further Rel 1 documentation.

Demo Video (from ONS)


Meetings will be held bi-weekly on Mondays at 3 pm EST/EDT.

Oct 7, 2019

  • attendees: Bill, Ada, Bruce, Alex 
  • generally speaking, we are at risk for getting the 2nd lab set up by month's end - we'll continue to work towards that goal, the key items are as follows... 
    • Distributed Cloud Installation Recipe
      • close, but not quite there - need an updated forecast from Yang on when this can be provided to Ada & team 
      • per Ada, this is for sure at risk now, since they haven't been able to start, and now need to assign a new resource to the activity (Haydeh is no longer on the project)
    • Jenkins Information/Instructions
      • per Ada, she has reviewed, the instructions look good - she will ask Christopher to review them as well - Ada will get a forecast from Christopher on setting this up 

Sep 30, 2019

  • meeting wasn't held as folks were away 

Sep 23, 2019

  • attendees: Bill, Ada (Intel), Bruce Jones (Intel), Alex Kozyrev (WR)
  • Distributed Cloud installation recipe - still in the realm of possibility to get done this week, Bill to check with Yang
  • GDC HW - per Ada, the servers listed in Sep 11 meeting will be at their disposal generally, if more powerful servers are required, they may be able to use some but not on an ongoing basis 
  • Jenkins information/instructions - Ada to review that stuff 

Sep 16, 2019

  • attendees: Bill, Lionel Pelamourgues 
  • some discussion about use cases for this blueprint - Bill to introduce Lionel to Glenn Seiller for further discussion 

Sep 11, 2019

  • attendees: Bill, Ada Cabrales (Intel), Hayde Martinez Landa (Intel)
  • discussion around next steps for Ada & Hayde to get the 2nd lab up & running (on Intel's premises)
  • the following actions were identified, with some progress notes since then...
    • Ada/Hayde send their server information – we’ll review & assess how similar it is to where we’re running our Distributed Cloud
      • Memory: 64GB
      • CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 v6 @ 3.80GHz (8 cores)
      • Disks: 2x447GB
      • Network Cards: Intel X550T, Intel I210
    • Bill send Jenkins information/instructions
    • Bill find out how soon (roughly) we think we’ll be able to send the Distributed Cloud installation recipe
      • current plan is that this information should be available at some time during the week of Sep 23rd 
    • Bill to send the recurring meeting info to Ada/Hayde

Jul 22, 2019

  • attendees: Bill, Dariush, Neil Oliver
  • abbreviated meeting today, will work via email and ad-hoc discussions on Rel 2 planning and blueprint family expansion 
  • Neil Oliver from Intel joined today - Neill is part of the OpenNess group in the Network & Custom Logic group at Intel 
  • OpenNESS is Open Network Edge Services Software
    • was NEV SDK
    • inspired by ETSI MEC platform
    • support LTE, WiFi, Landline I/F
    • added the data plane – e.g. traffic steering at the edge node to the right application (e.g. a Container or a VM)
    • also a controller component
  • Open NESS controller can use underlying components (like an OpenStack controller)
  • they're in their initial release open source s/w
  • many customers that have experience with the NEV SDK, which has been out for 2-3 years
    • there’s a Wind River Linux (Titanium Server) and a CentOS version
  • Neill's looking at synergy with StarlingX control components – maybe the Open NESS controller could act as a plug-in that StarlingX could use
  • OpenNESS is in a couple of other blueprints as well - one is the Tencent connected vehicle blueprint – traffic steering to a vehicle or an edge device
  • we'll continue talking to Neill about the possibilities for defining a blueprint that includes StarlingX and OpenNESS

Jul 8, 2019

  • team is currently working on defining the plan for Rel 2, and what our "infrastructure" work items are, as defined by the various sub-committees
  • working through the charts and updates from the Mini-Summit in June (per 06/17-19/2019 Technical Mini-Summit and Release 2 Planning)
  • currently, unclear on what the sub-committee requirements are in most cases, need to firm this up (will ask at the TSC Working meeting tomorrow)
  • missed a number of meetings leading up to Rel 1 completion - should go back and add the details here at some point

April 1, 2019

  • meeting cancelled, next one will be held on April 15 

Mar 18, 2019

  • Attendees

    • Alex, Bill, Dariush, Glenn, Greg, Numan

  • ONS Demo Video
    • lab setup is in progress, should be ready tomorrow
    • Bill: post the video up on the SFEDC blueprint wiki
    • Dariush: put a preliminary README file up on the SFEDC Gerrit
  • ONS Booth
  • ONS TSC Face to Face
    • per Glenn, it’s on Tuesday
    • Dariush will be on vacation, not able to attend, Glenn will work a plan with Ian to cover
  • SFEDC Dedicated Hardware
    • while we're working our plan to get our own dedicated HW, we should confirm that we’re planning to validate our blueprint on the Community Lab
    • Bill to raise with the process sub-committee 
  • Release 1 Planning
    • Rel 1 pushed to end of May now (May 31st), approved at the last TSC meeting
    • it was acknowledged that all of the blueprints will remain in incubation after this release

Mar 4, 2019

  • focused on plan for ONS demo video using in-house lab facilities - target by March 15
  • no line of sight yet to lab HW, expecting update by end of week 

Feb 25, 2019

Agenda items:

  • plan for dedicated lab H/W
  • refining plan for Rel 1 - lab setup, use cases, CI/CD
  • plan for ONS demo video - subset of Rel 1 functionality 
  • day/time/cadence for regular meeting - bi-weekly on Mondays, need to create meeting on Akraino calendar


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Microsoft Word Document Akraino R1 StarlingX Far Edge Distributed Cloud Datasheet.docx May 30, 2019 by Bill Zvonar
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