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Release 2 target date is November 30th 2019.  

  1. Self Certified Milestones Achievement Due Date Oct 30th 2019

2. Maturity Review Milestone Achievement  Due date  Oct 30th 2019

Please add targeted and achieved R2 milestones at:

BP Incubation Stage Reporting R2

Define area of focus

  1. Virtual meeting to start to have a session to discuss all of the agenda items.
  2. Different patches from different blueprints need to be up-streamed.
  3. Need a consistent framework
  4. New blueprints have been committed for R2.
  5. Want to increase standards on Release 2.
  6. June 19th should be a topic to discuss R2 in mini summit.
  7. Validation Project test layers and test cases
  8. Incubation Self Certification in R2?

Release 2 Requirements

  1. High Level Overall Requirements
  2. CI, Blueprint Validation Lab Sub-Committee Requirements
    1. Present Pod Topology document.
    2. Peering w/LF Jenkins.
    3. Push logs through Nexus.
    4. Usage of topics for release

      1. Releases >= 1.0 (e.g., etc) are reserved for BP that have been approved as Core by the TSC (considered ‘GA’ quality).

      2. Releases <1.0 (e.g. etc) are reserved for projects that have not reached the Akraino Core level (i.e. anything that is in Incubation (‘alpha’ quality) and Mature (‘beta’ quality).

    5. Enforcement of Static Code Analysis through SonarCloud (SaaS), WIP LF Release Engineering & Security Subcommittee.

  3. Security Sub-Committee Requirements for Maturity Review Approved by TSC July 11, 2019,please fill in Security Scan Status (Note this is not required for self certification)
  4. Blueprint Validation Framework Feature Project Requirements See TSC meeting and Slides
  5. Projects going for Maturity Review please refer to Maturity Criteria defined by Process subcommittee BP Graduation Review Processes and Criteria (Note this is not required for self certification)
  6. Documentation Sub-Committee Requirements

    User Documents:

    The following documentation with the following sections called out should be on the wiki with links to rest of the sections as applicable. We prefer that the entire doc is on the wiki but we do not require it.

    Architecture  - Blue print Overview and overall architecture

    Release Notes – Summary and What is released

    Installation Doc – Introduction and deployment architecture

    Test Document – Introduction and Overall Test Architecture

    Developer Documents:

    We are also recommending that Blue prints include via ReadtheDocs, with each Blue Print given their own repo, but we do not require it

  7. API Sub-Committee Requirements
  8. Community Sub-Committee Requirements
  9. Process Sub-Committee Requirements
  10. Upstream Sub-Committee Requirements

Blue Prints Participating in Release 2

Internal Target date to meet Rel 2 Criteria is Oct 31st ( please add your target/achieved date at the BP Incubation Stage Reporting R2)

Rel2_milestones.pptx (self certified)

06/17-19/2019 Technical Mini-Summit

Day 3, Wednesday,  

Room: Fantasy Island


Topics, Zoom Link

10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Akraino Release 2.0 Planning

10:45-11:15 - CI Sub-committee R2 inputs, goals, & Planning - Cesar Berho


11:15- 11:45 - Community Sub-committee R2 inputs, goals & Planning - Tapio Tallgren

Going forward, we had the idea to present all the Release 1 projects in the community call and record the presentations. This way we would have documentation about the status of all of the projects available. All of the Release 1 projects are listed below and also on the page

I would appreciate if the PTLs would sign up on that page, otherwise I will have to find volunteers. Suggest we start the process on July 11th.

11:45- 12:15 - TSC Goals for R2 - Kandan Kathirvel & Tina Tsou 

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Akraino Release 2.0 Planning

1:00-1:30 - Security Sub-committee R2 inputs, goals & Planning - Ken Yi

1:30-2:00 - Documentation Sub-committee R2 Inputs, goals & Planning - sujata tibrewala

2:00-2:30 - Upstream Sub-committee R2 inputs, goals & Planning -Wenjing Chu

Upstream Dependency Matrix and Upstream Project Information needs to be updated at SEBA OS and ONAP different features.

2:30-3:00 - API Sub-committee R2 inputs, goals & Planning -Vikram Siwach

Akraino BP API Standards

a)Community whitepaper ( AI: API SC)

b)Explore possibility of actionable plan with O-RAN, ETSI MEC, LF Edge projects, etc.,

Do a joint press release to publicly annonce plans ( AI: API/Community/TSC Chair/Co-Chair/Marketing subcommittee)

3:00 -3:30 - Process Sub-committee R2 inputs, goals & Planning - Andrew Wilkinson

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