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Meeting Time: 07:00 AM PT / 03:00 PM UTC (See call time in different zones)


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Agenda Items

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Security Subcommittee - Platform Security Intel Resource Needed


Release 4 Review of 

5G MEC/Slice System to Support Cloud Gaming, HD Video and Live Broadcasting Blueprint

5G MEC/Slice System Blueprint TSC Review

1.Wiki Page: Release 4 Documentation - 5G MEC/Slice System



Networking functions of 

ELIOT SD-WAN/WAN Edge/uCPE Blueprint

Marc Meunier

e.g. CNF, VM, NFV VNFs


Release Status

Release 4 Planning

Categories of APIs Jeff Brower Jane Shen

BluVal Questions Thor Chin Hao Xu Paul Carver

Security Questions

Randy Stricklin Daniil Egranov


PTL Updates

  • PTLs to provide updates on the status of the Blueprints and Feature Projects


Upcoming Events

03/01/2021 - 03/03/2021 Akraino Technical Meetings - Spring (register at

Copyright / Attribution Questions

Jeff BrowerQuestions have come up on copyright, including:

1) How should external groups attribute and copyright Akraino material, for example when publishing the material within a whitepaper, web page, or book ?

2) Within the Akraino community, how should we embed a copyright notice on Wiki pages, or within diagrams posted on a Wiki page or other web pages (e.g. the API map on ?

3) If a person brings in an image they developed privately or for an organization, and then modifies it for Akraino, should they show two (2) copyrights, original and Akraino ?

API Map Rev2 Review

Jeff Brower

Rev2 API map is ready for review, with new information reflecting API data gathered as part of R4 requirements.  A PDF of the fully expanded map is here. Upon approval from the TSC, the API subcommittee would like to upload to and replace the existing Rev1 map. Alternatively we can figure out how to upload to a within-Akraino web page for review, which would allow expanding/collapsing sections of the map.

Related: can the TSC authorize purchase of MindManager commercial package (cost about USD 300) ? This is needed by the API Subcommittee to convert XMind output to HTML. XMind does include a PDF printer but not to level of granularity and flexibility of MindManager.  Previously for Rev1 we used a trial version of MindManager.

Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)


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Zoom Chat Log

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