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Meeting Time: 07:00 AM PT / 03:00 PM UTC (See call time in different zones)


Meeting Recording: TBA

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Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 


Agenda Items

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Logistics and agenda bashing


Ask for TSC Approval for Proposal of 03/01/2022 - 03/03/2022 Akraino Technical Meetings - Spring

Ike Alisson


Akraino's annual review

Kendall Perez

The time has arrived for Akraino's annual review. 

As per The goal of the LF Edge Annual Review Process is to provide a Project Health Assessment. Health indicators shall include a quantifiable review against their current Stage expectations and acceptance criteria (meets/needs improvement/missing).

On the above URL, you will find a link to Create Project Annual Review Page

You can also find examples of prior reviews from other Projects underneath the Project Annual Reviews menu.

Do you think we could complete the review for presentation for the February 9 TAC meeting?


Sub-committee Chair Updates

Action Items (Open Action Item TrackerRandy Stricklin

1/20/22 Akraino TSC Meeting Notes

Ike Alisson – provided an overview of the plan for the Spring Akraino technical meeting.

  • Jim St. Leger – would like to hear from new companies/voices/developments – Amazon, Dish Network, etc.

TSC vote to approve Akraino Spring Meeting – passed unanimously

Akraino annual review

  • Kendall Perez was not present
  • Target date 2/9 – Ike Alisson is leading the effort to renew the annual review. Please contact Ike if you can help with this effort.  Kural and Oleg have volunteered to help.

API Subcommittee update – Jeff Brower:  proposed additions to ‘Identifying and Recruiting Akraino Localized Organizations’.  Decided to discuss this item further on the next Thursday meeting.

CI, Blueprint Validation Lab update – Peter P. had to leave.

Documentation update – Ike A. no updates

Process, Project Review Update – no updates

Security update – maturity reviews in process and will be setting up the self-nomination process for committee chair.

Technical Community update – no updates

Upstream/Downstream update – no updates

Votes (template below)

Zoom Chat Log

Voting Template

TSC Voting to Approve : 

Proposal of 03/01/2022 - 03/03/2022 Akraino Technical Meetings - Spring

Motion: Tina Tsou

Second: Peter Pouliot