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15Incubation Review: Edge Service Enabling PlatformColin PetersEdge Service Enabling Platform
  • Ike Alisson suggested on adding analytics, pre-pay, etc to the BP. Jeff Brower suggested to add debug capability as well.
  • Tina Tsou and Jim Xu  will be participating as the BP contributors.
      5 SmartCity Maturity ReviewJim XuTSC vote
15Akraino Fall Summit Planning
09/20/2022 - 09/22/2022 Akraino Fall Summit


  • Edge HPC
  • Autonomous Vehicle, Robotics
  • Edge Applications: social, privacy intensive, metaverse

  • New Stacks
  • Cloud at the Edge
  • Security
  • Full Stack with Cloud Native for Edge
  • Multi-cloud for Edge cloud /public cloud coordination

  • Mobile/Ultra Low Latency Infrastructure
  • 5G/6G
  • Edge MEC
  • Blockchain at the Edge

  • Operationalizing Deployments
  • Case Studies, Success stories, and Challenges at the edge

Call for hosts/sponsors

Call for proposals

Location: possibly at Google, Tina talked with Vikram Venkataraghavan, he's checking. Arm is a fallback, with space available for 20-30

Action item: Ike to invite Diego Lopez (Telefonica) to present at Akraino Fall Summit

Action item: Jeff to e-mail Peter Hong and Surech LC at Samsung about possibly hosting

15PTL Updates

Planning for REL7

Asif Mehmood (MEC-based Stable Topology Prediction for Vehicular Networks) was in attendance on this TSC meeting, Tina asked him about R7. Asif will hand over the blueprint to other lab members, possibly in Sep/Oct, and possibly start a new blueprint associated with his new work starting later this year

Leo Li to update into REL7

Oleg bravo Good progresses in Hackathon.

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TSC Voting to Approve:  Incubation Review of Edge Service Enabling Platform by Colin Peters

Motion:  Fukano Haruhisa

Second:  Tina Tsou