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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
13 Apr 2020Arif TSC 2020-04-09 (Thurs)
  • Aaron Williams add changes to the upstream Subcommittee to the template
28 May 2020Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-05-28(Thurs)
  • Brett Preston to update Zoom URLs, to include embedded passcode, starting on -- includes updating and Wiki listings
18 Sep 2020Brett PrestonTSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT
  •  for ELIOT IOT-Gateway, add table with reference to EdgeX  to have future exchange of  information with EdgeX community. khemendra kumar : added table for ELIOT and EdgeX alignment and collaboration in Architecture document.It can be used for future tracking EdgeX updates.
khemendra kumarRelease 4 Review 2020-12-16 (Wed) 7 am Pacific
  • Ike Alisson (Documentation Subcommittee) to lead Akraino TAC Annual Review submission
Ike AlissonTSC 2020-11-24 (Tues) 7 am Pacific
  • Tina Tsouto obtain Telefonica presentation from Diego, and post to the Wiki Agenda page
Tina TsouTSC 2020-11-24 (Tues) 7 am Pacific
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT
TSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT
Kandan KathirvelTSC 2020-07-30 (Thursday) 7 am Pacific
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-07-21 (Tues) 7 am PT
  • Kandan Kathirvel to create a page on then TSC page to collect names for nominations
Kandan KathirvelTSC 2020-07-14 (Tues) 7:00 am Pacific
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-07-21 (Tues) 7 am PT
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-07-14 (Tues) 7:00 am Pacific
Jane ShenTSC 2020-06-09 (Tues)
Thor ChinTSC 2020-06-11 (Thurs)
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-05-14 (Thurs)
TSC 2020-05-07 (Thurs)
  • Aaron Williams need to ask LF about adding to the document: LF logos and what not, get it ready to be published
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-05-07 (Thurs)
Randy StricklinTSC 2020-05-14 (Thurs)
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-05-07 (Thurs)
  • Aaron Williams to update the Community Sub-committee's page with Tapio being self nominated for Chair
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-04-23 (Thurs)
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-04-23 (Thurs)
  • Jim Xu add vote for Upstream sub-committee for Tuesday
Jim XuTSC 2020-04-23 (Thurs)
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-04-16 (Thurs)
  • Aaron Williamspost the link to Google doc and get a downloaded version to posted here
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-04-23 (Thurs)
TSC 2020-04-09 (Thurs)
Jane ShenTSC 2020-04-16 (Thurs)
TSC 2020-03-26
Kandan KathirvelTSC 2020-03-26
TSC 2020-03-26

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