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Time: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 06:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Meeting Recording: (Password: 8I$qZL^B)

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TSC Chair
Process, Project Su-Committee Chair
TSC Co-Chair
Security Sub-committee Chair
API Sub-committee Chair
Security Sub-committee Co-Chair
API Sub-committee Co-Chair
Upstream Sub-committee Chair
CI, Blueprint Validation Lab sub-committee Chair
Upstream Sub-committee Co-Chair
Community Sub-committee Chair
Documentation Sub-committee Chair


Agenda Items

Presented By


Release 3 review on Radio Edge Cloud (REC) blueprint

Paul Carver

Release 3 Planning

TSC Notes - BP reviewed, all requirements met. Paul to upload the security log to the Akraino wiki.

REC Release 3 TSC Review.pptx

Release 3 review on Micro-MEC blueprint


Release 3 Planning

TSC Notes - BP Reviewed. 2 Action items identified to be addressed for R3.

  1. Documentation should be updated in the Akriano Wiki
  2. BP install start code should be in the Akraino repo. 

Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)

Zoom Chat Log