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The Enterprise Applications on Lightweight 5G Telco Edge blueprint has passed the maturity review.

This page references the requirements in BP Graduation Review Processes and Criteria specifically the table cell for Incubation -> (Mature) on the second row from the bottom of the page.

  • Release inclusion check:

  • SW quality/functional check:

               The SW quality already been assessed as reaching beta according to (Release5 and release6 have passed relevant reviews):

    1. Passing the mandatory set of test cases for all deployed layers using the tools and test set for each layer as defined by the Akraino Validation Framework Validation feature project (Akraino Blueprint Validation Framework) (after TSC approval). This will define minimum mandatory set of test that must be passed for each layer included in BP, plus
    2. Passing any additional test cases defined by the specific BP project as mandatory, plus
    3. Achieving the minimum Security requirements as defined by the Security subcommittee Steps To Implement Security Scan Requirements

               The log of lynis scanning:  Index of /sites/logs/huawei/job/Security-logs

  • Community Health and Stability check:
    • Meetings are held every two weeks and minutes are published with a list of attendees;
    • Meeting content includes welcoming new participants and providing introduction to the projects as well as discussing ongoing progress;
    • Contributions from Huawei, ARM are working on adding BP lab support and code contributions;

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