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  • Paul Carver
  • Andrew Wilkinson
  • Tina Tsou
  • David Plunkett


  • No preset agenda
  • Overview of current status
    • Presentation of initial planning is nearly complete and will be posted to wiki after internal release review
    • Initial goal is to provide a stack from hardware up to and including RAN Intelligent Controller (code available at as part of ORAN) on top of which "xapps" can be run
    • Goal is to provide CD testing of software stack on a small number of hardware variants
    • Goal of RIC is to provide communications between xapps and eNodeB/gNodeB which exist outside of REC, so at least the initial use case of REC is to provide the ability for RIC to establish E2 connections to eNodeB/gNodeB
    • Low latency is a major design goal as is small hardware footprint in terms of physical size and cost so that future development could possibly move closer and closer to edge
    • Plan is to include as a component in order to allow a mix of different network types in a pod so that differing latency tolerance of different software component can be accommodated by different network types
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