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Meeting Schedule

Weekly on Thursdays at 1300UTC on

Meeting Minutes

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  1. Is it possible to host this meeting at an earlier time? The current time puts this time slot between 20:00 and 21:00 in Bucharest, an hour or even two hours earlier would be great.

    1. Ciprian Barbu Your wish is granted. I will be cancelling the July 4th meeting due to US holiday and we will resume meetings 5 hours earlier at 1200UTC starting on July 11th. I will update the meeting on the calendar momentarily.

      1. Paul Carver Thank you very much! The new meeting time is greatly appreciated by me and my colleagues, so that we can attend this meeting at a reasonable hour.

        The main focus for us will be TA and working to make it work on our ARM pods. REC is also a major milestone for us, but we need TA to enable it.