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  • Paul Carver
  • Andrew Wilkinson
  • Tina Tsou
  • David Plunkett



  • Initial hardware plan is to do CD in parallel to three hardware platforms
  • Code being pushed to Gerrit will include everything needed to build an all in one ISO image that will be use to do a virtual media boot and install
  • New Jenkins and Regional Controller are being setup at AT&T for REC Continuous Deployment
  • Need to present a one page template for release 1 to the TSC
  • Discussion of ISO storage. LF may not store many, but hopefully will store at least a couple of ISOs in Nexus. AT&T plans to have disk space set aside to support a longer archive of ISOs
  • Tina mentioned that currently Nexus 3 doesn't support multi-architecture. She suggested using Docker DTR.
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