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  • Paul Carver
  • David Plunkett


  • Initial seed code release has been completed
  • Ongoing updates to code are taking place via Gerrit
  • Initial commits of Jenkins Job Builder configuration have been made starting with and followed by additional commits to work around difficulties specific to the LF Jenkins and Nexus environment
  • Continuous Deployment environment has been built and mostly tested. There is a dependency on successful completion of JJB and Nexus configuration to allow creation of the REC ISO image for consumption by the CD system.
  • Documents for release one have been submitted for internal review in order to get approvals for publication
  • A hardware specification has been assembled for publication


  • Brief discussion of the topics listed above in the agenda
  • Followup discussion of recent TSC topics including documentation sub-team meeeting and the requirement for CD system to push logs to LF Nexus
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