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  • Paul Carver
  • David Plunkett
  • John Craig
  • Tina Tsou



  • General discussion of how (or if) tagging of release 1 should be done. David has been asking for three weeks with regard to Network Cloud and didn't receive any response so he is going to tag all the NC repos.
  • This is less critical for REC since the build product is an ISO image, but it would still be helpful for people to know what code is in the release 1 ISO. Paul will go ahead and tag the repos as of today.
  • Question on SR-IOV or Flannel: REC supports both
  • Tina brought up a topic of Docker Hub integration, specifically pushing Akraino container images into Docker Hub.
  • We need more instructions and need to ensure that we're not pushing to Docker instead of locally (since we don't want to put a round trip to Docker Hub across the WAN in between the build of REC container images and the build of REC ISO images (from the container images))
  • We discussed the RIC interfaces and how they will be supported. The appliance model means that the REC will include the RIC as an upstream component, so all the RIC interfaces that are being developed will be included in REC but we don't think REC will be developing a specific server side component to handle any protocols such as "O1".
  • We discussed how Telco Appliance relates to REC (as the first example of an appliance in the family) and SEBA (as the second example of an appliance in the family)
  • Discussed using a VES listener (at least in SEBA) although we don't exactly know the details of exactly what that is or how it works
  • Some discussion of the new regional controller and the remote installer, including whether the remote installer should remain part of the TA blueprint family, or whether there should be separate remote installers for different blueprints within the family.
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