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  • New meeting time poll - Thursdays at 1200UTC is currently leading in the poll
  • Dell deployment was achieved successfully
  • CD lab is currently having issues due to cabling - we will be replacing all cables as soon as the order goes through and we receive them. CD jobs are currently suspended until we get the physical issues resolved.
  • We're starting to put test cases into Jira - contributions of Jira stories (i.e. things to test) and code are both wanted but there's no obligation to write code just because you enter a story in Jira
    • My preliminary thinking is that test will land somewhere on a 3x3 grid.
    • In one dimension we have "Where to put the test" with the options being LF CI, REC CD, Akraino Validation project.
    • In the other dimension we have "What part of REC to test" with the options being REC tested/endorsed hardware platforms, Telco Appliance common software (i.e. the large amount of code that will be shared between REC, SEBA and other members of the TA blueprint family), and REC specific tests (i.e. dealing with the RIC application and largely (perhaps exclusively) pulled from upstream RIC repository.)


  • Provided update on the agenda items listed above.
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