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  • Status update
    • We have completed a CI change so that the REC/TA ISO build will be triggered by code merge instead of daily
    • We are discussing whether to write a CD testrunner from scratch or use one that Nokia is planning to Open Source
    • Cabling in the CD lab is complete (rework of previous non-working cables is done)
  • Questions
    • What platforms are in use?
      • AT&T CD platform is doing automated deployment only to Nokia OpenEdge cluster at this time.
      • REC deployer (the part inside of the ISO image) supports Dell and HP but Remote Installer (the Docker image that the Regional Controller instantiates) does not yet, so Dell and HP installs are "1-touch" rather than "0-touch". There are multiple HP and Dell clusters with REC installed on them but they were not installed automatically by the CD system due to the current limitation of Remote Installer support.
    • Overview of build process
    • Overview of remote installer and looking at the internals

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