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  • Issues still exist with ISO build process. It seems to be LF specific since ISO can be built successfully elsewhere. For anyone wanting to try to build the ISO on their own here are the steps (this should probably go somewhere else in the wiki for future reference)
  • Test suite is now running in CD environment (though ISO build problems mean it's not running as often as we'd like)
    • Logs posted to
    • Currently only console.log.gz is posted. It contains pass/fail info for each test but not the prettiest output. We're looking into posting files with the Javascript enabled "pretty" output of the Robot test tool.
    • Tests are pulled from the "testcases" directory of;a=tree but new subdirectories are not picked up automatically. Test are grouped into test suites, of which there are currently two. We can add more, but do need to explicitly update the Jenkins job with the additional test suite names in order for them to run automatically.


  • Provided an introductory overview of REC for Anurag and Ankit
  • Took a quick look at upstream O-RAN SC Gerrit

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