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  • x86/amd64 build issues seem to be resolved
  • We're planning a series of small enhancements to allow a more convenient default networking for pods that don't care what sort of networking they get while still allowing pods that do care to provide detailed specification via DANM annotations
  • We have the latest version of RIC running via manual install. The workflow will be updated soon, but hasn't been yet and is currently not working.


  • Open discussion of REC installation
  • Temporary issue with RIC code (the upstream O-RAN-SC project, not the REC) availability due to legal review. We expect that it will become available again shortly.
  • Discussion of a recurring error related to the third node in the etcd cluster. Will follow up in email to the blueprint mailing list.
  • We now have ARM RPMs being pushed to Nexus by LF Jenkins jobs
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