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I was sick this week so there was no prepared agenda and I didn't capture the names of everyone on the call.


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  • is the initial commit to a new repo ta/caas-storage. The current spec files call for building x86 RPMs. We need to identify if there is work needed to make this ARM compatible.
  • We completed security scans with only minor issues found. The main issues are intrinsic IPMI vulnerabilities that we will mitigate with ACLs because they are vulnerabilities in the IPMI protocol itself, and the use self signed certificates. There was one medium RIC vulnerability which has already been remediated. Likely we will move from IPMI to Redfish in the future and turn off IPMI.
  • There's a change under review to reenable beta APIs as a followup to the upgrade to k8s 1.16 because SEBA is still using the older APIs. This would be temporary but will likely be approved. If anyone has comments, please post to the review
  • RIC code is the process of being moved back into the LF Gerrit repositories (for O-RAN-SC, not Akraino, we consider this code "upstream" from Akraino). There is a feature freeze for the "Amber" release of RIC the first week of November so the code is targetted to move back into the LF repos by the last week October.
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