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  • Darrin provided an update that REC is now running on a three node Ampere/eMag cluster and patches will be submitted to Gerrit soon. Patches include a re-write of the parts that required BIOS so that UEFI can be supported (required because the ARM based servers don't have BIOS, but also beneficial because BIOS is outdated even for x86 servers)
  • General discussion of the relationship between Telco Appliance and Radio Edge Cloud and the current status of CI/CD and test suites
    • Paul noted that currently the REC ISO DVD image is really just the TA ISO DVD image and that the CD system (Jenkins) installs the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) as a post-install job after successful deployment of the TA ISO, but that the target is for the Linux Foundation Akraino Jenkins to incorporate the RIC into the REC ISO at build time. Once that is done, the REC ISO and TA ISO will be different. Each CI build of the REC ISO will include one exact frozen in time snapshot of the RIC which will allow for identical deployment of a multiple clusters without variation.
  • Darrin also provided an update on an ARM based sled for the Open Edge chassis
  • Paul explained that Telco Appliance and REC aim to provide the ability to select from multiple hardware platforms, including common datacenter server types such as (for example) Dell R740xd and HP DL380 but that the Nokia Open Edge platform is being used as the reference platform and the implementation of the Continuous Deployment clusters because it has been contributed as a specification to the Open Compute Project. It is hoped that multiple vendors will be able to produce compatible hardware under the OCP spec so that the REC can be a fully Open Source Hardware+Software stack
    • Hyperlink to the PDF included below:
    • Paul explained that due to a current limitation of the TA Remote Installer component which is used by the Akraino Regional Controller to deploy Radio Edge Cloud, the Continuous Deployment system only automatically deploys REC ISO builds to Open Edge, but that the Remote Installer based deployment uses the same ISO DVD image file that also currently supports Dell and HP and which will soon support several ARM based options. In AT&T's lab, REC is deployed to Dell and HP servers using the instructions provided in the REC Installation Guide through a mostly but not entirely automated procedure of booting from a REC ISO and supplying a pre-existing user_config.yaml that contains the cluster-specific details of whichever cluster is being deployed.
    • Extending the TA Remote Installer to support more platforms is on the todo list, but not currently the focus of AT&T or Nokia's development efforts.

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