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  • Akraino Release 2 Maturity Review
    • Proposal to start designating release candidates on November 15th. The first build to pass all testing will be designated as the Akraino Release 2 build of Radio Edge Cloud. As previously discussed, this will still be a Telco Appliance ISO because the upstream RIC software is not yet in a state that we can incorporate it into the ISO at build time. We will (as we have been) deploy the RIC onto the CD cluster as a post-install job after successful deployment of the ISO. We will take RIC testing into account when determining which release candidate will become the release build.
  • The RIC is still technically pre-release 1 according to which has the following graphic (click to enlarge) showing "Amber" release on November 13th 2019 (next week). An issue was raised during the RIC project meeting this past Tuesday about the need for better installation instructions. Emails are making the rounds of management seeking someone to focus on this. The goal is to improve the web/wiki accessibility of newcomer-friendly manual procedures in the near term, with much better automation coming later for the B release which is listed on that same wiki page as November 13th 2020. It is understood that web/wiki improvements cannot wait until the B release.


  • Open Discussion
  • Cristina Pauna gave an update on ARM support
    • They have found an issue on x86 and expect to be submitting a patch as soon as they have a fix
    • They have access to a UNH pod and are testing there
  • It came to my attention after the meeting ended that Microsoft Outlook changed the time on me and I didn't notice. This meeting is scheduled for 1200UTC, but Outlook shifted it to 0800EST on my calendar and I joined when the reminder triggered. I will send an email to the blueprint mailing list to see if people want to change the meeting time or keep it at 1200UTC. These meeting minutes for today's meeting are from 1300UTC onward although it turns out that there were people on the bridge at 1200UTC.
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