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  • TSC Approved REC for Maturity status for Release 2


  • Alex Antone provided an update on ARM. Secondary controllers are booted successfully as part of the bare metal provisioning although the deployment does fail later in the process. Many changes are in progress on Gerrit.
  • Ankit Arora asked about the reason for multiple blueprints and whether different blueprints would be deployed on the same edge cloud. Paul Carver gave a long explanation and some hypothetical examples involving the reasons for different blueprints within Akraino as well as the reason for different blueprints within the Telco Appliance blueprint family. In summary, different contributors are starting from different points and there is some overlap but also a lot of valid use case driven differences. It is Paul's opinion that some blueprints will fail to gain momentum, but he doesn't know which ones. The Akraino ecosystem will allow contributors to decide for themselves which blueprints are most useful to them and direct their efforts towards those. The approach that Telco Appliance is advocating is to let the use cases drive the specific requirements but share as much hardware and software as possible within the constraints of the use cases.
  • Ankit Arora also asked about deploying onto a single physical server instead of a cluster. Paul Carver recommended trying to deploy on a three node cluster of VMs running on a single physical server rather than bare metal on a single server, however it will be necessary for the hypervisor to adequately emulate IPMI since the entire goal of the Telco Appliance blueprint family is to automate the bare metal deployment of clusters.
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