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  • Workload Generator (WLG) review has been merged
  • Continuous deployment has been failing due to an Ansible error. The error doesn't appear obviously related to recent changes, but a redploy of LF282 build is successful so it does seem that something recent broke it.


  • Cristina Pauna is working on integrating TA into CI on the UNH ARM cluster
  • wenhui mentioned an O-RAN security issue. Paul Carver thinks this is probably in the RIC part, not the TA part because we don't use ORAN in the non-RIC portions of REC.
  • Ankit asked about Airship. There's no immediate plan to integrate Airship but this is open to discussion based on benefits of Airship integration. We don't currently know of specific benefits to justify the work at this time.
  • Ankit asked about hardware acceleration. We're dependent on O-RAN-SC to deliver components that require hardware acceleration. The RIC does not, but the DU and RU almost certainly will. The REC team doesn't plan to recommend specific solutions but is prepared to integrate and test whatever hardware acceleration is supported by the O-RAN-SC. If the O-RAN-SC components support multiple, the REC team would likely define the blueprint to support a specific selected hardware acceleration.
  • Alex asked about the DANM configuration. Paul will share the config files, but right now they are a bit specific to the AT&T lab. Some re-write is needed to decouple the lab specific inputs from the rest of the deployment.

Continuous Deployment Issue Details

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