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  • This is the first meeting after the US change to daylight savings time, so it's possible that we have some confusion on the meeting time.
  • We discussed whether REC-CU, REC-DU and REC-RU will be separate blueprints. We definitely don't want to duplicate all of the documentation that is identical. There will be some variation, such as the use of hardware acceleration for at least the RU and DU, but almost all of the information such as installation procedures, CI/CD, release notes, etc will be identical.
  • I will reopen the bridge at 1200 UTC in case anyone did not expect the meeting time to change for the US DST
    • We discussed and decided to keep the meeting at 1300UTC which is the way it is currently documented on the wiki and the calendar. This means that the meeting time will shift in countries that observe daylight savings time, including the US.
    • We discussed the question of separate blueprints. We don't think we have enough people to subdivide the current REC team into four different projects with four different PTLs, four different weekly meetings, and four different CI/CD pipelines, so for now we will plan that the CU/DU/RU variants will be part of the REC blueprint. We can revisit this in the future if there is a technical need for them to diverge into separate blueprints or if the team grows large enough that people want to split into separate sub-teams.

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