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  • Darrin said the OpenEdge chassis is on its way from Japan to San Jose, should arrive at Ampere lab next week.
  • Ciprian provided an update on SEBA for ARM. Jobs are running in CI and they fixed a few issue including increasing timeouts and cleaning up scripts. They are working on getting Robot output and logs sent to LF Nexus. Yesterday he attended the ONS VOLTA face to face meeting as a webinar.
  • Tina mentioned that Deutch Telecom was requesting an AT&T ONF contact. The DT contact mentioned that AT&T had asked about running SEBA on ARM. Paul will check on who the AT&T representative to ONF is.
  • Tina asked about the TA CI/CD for ARM. Alex indicated that the REC job is done but the RIC installation is not complete. Sometimes the REC job fails due to virtual media failing intermittently. Tina says that Cristina had reported integration as 20% complete on Monday.

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