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  • BluVal testing status


  • Discussion of DANM networking and connectivity between RIC and e/gNodeBs
  • Alex asked about running O-CU over TA. Paul said that current discussions that he has heard have concerned the O-DU. Most likely we would wait until after the O-RAN-SC Bronze release (June 6th) to integrate whatever is release with Akraino.
  • Ciprian reported that they are working on setting up a Helm repo to store SEBA charts for their work onARM64. Also working on creating "release" charts for SEBA for ARM64, basically cord-platform, seba and att-workflow charts. On another track, the other colleagues are working on testing SEBA on Ampere POD1, there are several issues to overcome, due to a newer Kubernetes version and different CNI used (Flannel vs Calico).

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