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  • TSC Review complete - Release 3 Planning
  • Build upload failure - We're still having a problem with Jenkins uploading build ISOs to Nexus. It looks like possibly an issue with the Python Requests library used by the lftools script
  • There is still a need to keep working through the output of the Vuls scan. This was a new requirement during Akraino Release 3 and we need to work with the security subcommittee to refine the results


  • Paul will update the REC Installation Guide guide with build 301 as the AMD64 release 3 build and build 134 as the ARM64 release 3 build
  • Darrin provided an update on the new ARM/Ampere cluster that is almost ready for use
  • We discussed disk ordering and hardware detector. Wallace is going to try configuring hardware RAID on his test machines to match the disk ordering that is expected by HW detector.
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