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  • Paul will send out an email to all people listed as committers or contributors on the REC and SEBA wiki pages and ask if they want to remain/become a committer on TA. Anyone who doesn't reply will be removed from the committer list. Anyone who replies yes will be included.
  • REC has completed all the steps we need to do for Akraino release 3. TSC and LF public relations team work are still in progress. Official LF announcement is expected around July 10th for R3 of all included blueprints.
  • Alex is still waiting for to be merged
  • Ciprian has been working on moving jobs from the ENEA lab to the UNH lab and running into some problems with the ThunderX2 pod. Firmware updates were required and configuration of EdgeCore switch configs. He has now managed to deploy IEC Type 2 manually and submitted change to add the pod into Akraino Jenkins. There are a few more things to fix, but it is close to ready.
  • Ciprian reported that they are also nearly finished with integrating the manual steps into CI for running SEBA on TA.
  • Darrin reported ready to start testing with AT&T and they have a training session setup with Cindy today
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