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  • Status update on review of REC blueprint by TSC for release 4
  • CI/CD issues
  • Lab issues


  • There is still a little ongoing work to finalize passing all of the Bluval tests but they are nitpicking little items. This work was delayed a bit due to issue with the LF CI system (there were networking issues that randomly prevented retrieving RPMs from sites like CentOS and Docker as well as issues with Gerrit failing to trigger Jenkins jobs) but the last changes should be complete very soon.
  • The Ampere servers in the AT&T lab were reachable via BMC but on the wrong IP addresses due to the temporary use of DHCP during the troubleshooting of the front panel port issue discusses in previous meetings. During the re-IP of the BMCs to their documented assigned IPs an additional problem was created which needs to be resolved.
  • We hope to perform the REC install on the Ampere servers next week and get the install process into CD pipeline soon after. We are also looking at what additional testing can be done of the RIC itself in the absence of real radio hardware in the CD lab (this is for both Intel and Arm based OpenEdge servers)
  • Ampere is releasing new server models soon and Darrin will provide details
  • Once the REC on Arm/Ampere work is complete, the REC blueprint is pretty much in maintenance mode until we see new requirements. Ideally we would like to see new participants in the blueprint bring in new requirements. The public Akraino meetings won't discuss any carrier specific deployment plans. The public meetings only address the capability of the blueprint to produce working REC/RIC instances.
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