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Meeting Time: 07:00 AM PT / 02:00 PM UTC (See call time in different zones)


Meeting Recording: TBA

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Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 


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Section 4.5 of Community documents outline the TSC responsibilities.

Draft Proposal:-

Elected TSC member's active participation within the community and in the TSC calls is critical for the success of the community. TSC member active participation on the TSC call is considered one of the prime duties of the TSC member. The TSC members on vacation or other office duties or inability to join TSC calls can request a proxy from their own company or another active contributor of Akraino to represent on the TSC calls and vote in behalf of them up to a maximum of five consecutive weeks by sending an email to Akraino-voting email list. TSC members do not return and resume their TSC duties after five consecutive weeks to be considered abandoned their TSC duties and considered that the TSC seat is vacant. TSC members who do not assign a proxy and do not show up more than four consecutive weeks to the TSC call are considered abandoned their TSC member position. The TSC Chair/Co-Chair can call for an interim election to reelect an alternative member on the above-said conditions for the vacant seat.


Akraino representative at the TAC

Kandan was the previous representative. 

Available Slot


Sub-committee Chair Updates

  • API Sub-committee - Vikram Siwach, Jane Shen (Co-Chair)
  • CI, Blueprint Validation Lab sub-committee - Peter Pouliot, Robert Qiu (Co-Chair), Lincoln Lavoie (Lab Manager)
  • Community Sub-committee – Tapio Tallgren
  • Documentation Sub-committee - Samir Chatterjee
  • Process, Project review – Andrew Wilkinson
  • Security Sub-committee – Haitao Wang, Randy Stricklin (Co-Chair)
  • Upstream Sub-committee – Jim Xu, Swarup Nayak


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