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For the ARM64 architecture the Ampere Pod 1 of the Shared Community Lab at UNH is used to do CD and validation.

Logs from the CD installation of Telco Appliance (the parent blueprint for REC) are available at

CD is done weekly on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 AM UTC via the rec-aarch64_baremetal-weekly-master parent  job, which triggers the rec-aarch64_baremetal-install-rec-weekly-master installation job and in the future the validation and RIC install jobs.

The latest aarch64 ISO image found at is used and installed through the remote-installer bare metal deployer.

Currently the only ISO is the Telco Appliance ISO. The REC Continuous Deployment Jenkins installs just TA on bare metal as RIC is not yet ported to aarch64. The future plan is to incorporate the RIC at build time.

Continuous Integration → Continuous Deployment Flow

Akraino TA for ARM64 Continuous Deployment Hardware

For the hardware used please refer to the Ampere Pod 1 of the Shared Community Lab at UNH.

Radio Edge Cloud Network Cabling and VLANs

Server NameIPMI AddressIPMI VLAN IDPublic Network AddressPublic Network VLAN IDSwitch Port(s)

Cisco TOR: Left 25Gbe Port 41, Right 25Gbe Port 42

ampere210.11.5.12300510.11.6.123006Cisco TOR: Left 25Gbe Port 43, Right 25Gbe Port 44
ampere310.11.5.13300510.11.6.133006Cisco TOR: Left 25Gbe Port 45, Right 25Gbe Port 46
ampere-jumphost10.11.5.14300510.11.6.143006Cisco TOR: Left 25Gbe Port 33

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