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The IEC Type 4 AR/VR Oriented Edge Stack is requesting maturity review for Akraino release 4.

This page references the requirements in BP Graduation Review Processes and Criteria specifically the table cell for Incubation -> (Mature) on the second row from the bottom of the page.

  • Validation lab check:

The IEC Type 4 AR/VR Oriented Edge Stack project contributors have deployed and validated the BP  with a community member validation lab and LF CD lab with the exact HW and SW configuration for which the maturity review is being requested. All validation labs are connected with Akraino LF CI  Logs on the LF CI servers. The logs are pushed from each validation lab's CD testing, and the logs verifies the validation lab check. 

  • Release inclusion check:

IEC Type 4 AR/VR Oriented Edge Stack successfully participated in Akraino release R2, R3 and R4's  incubation stage.

  • HW definition check:
    • Wearable Glass (Optional)
    • Teacher Client-Side — Personal Computer with Camera
    • Student Client-Side — Personal Computer with Camera  
    • Server Side — 8 Core 16G Virtual Machine on ARM or x86 Platform 

  • Upstream dependencies check:
    • Teacher Side:  Windows 10 with a Web Browser that supports WebSockets.
    • Student Side:  Windows 10 with a Web Browser that supports WebSockets.
    • Server Side:  CentOS 8
    • Virtual Classroom Application      Version:  Master Branch of
    • Tars Framework                            Version:  v2.4.13
    • IEC                                                Version:  v3.0
    • Jenkins                                         Version:  2.263.3

  • Documentation check:
    • Documentation is created for Akraino Release 2 and 3 and some minor updates have been made but we are not aware of any significant documentation issues

  • Community Health and Stability check:
    • Meetings are held weekly and minutes are published with a list of attendees
    • Meeting content includes welcoming new participants and providing introduction to the projects as well as discussing ongoing progress
    • Contributions from Inwinstack, Arm, Tencent, PSU, Orange, IBM, HTC,  support ARM and x86

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