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Below attached you can find a list of some of the activities reflecting the Akraino and ALICON (Ike ALIsson CONsulting) partnering. Alicon's Partnering approach reflects ideas from the field of "Alliance Strategy",  distinguishing the "Partner" role/responsibility and interaction from the "Vendor/Supplier" role/responsibility and interaction. 

3GPP granted ALICON SWEDEN on April 24th, 2024 the right to use the New 6G logo for use on specifications for 6G ( 

The creation of this 6G Graphical Mark is the next step in 3GPP’s preparations for the Next Generation of Mobile Systems. In December 2023, the Organizational Partners: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (North America), CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea) and TTC (Japan) announced their joint commitment to make 6G happen in 3GPP. Now there is a graphical badge that can accompany the 3GPP work on the topic. One of the 1st outings for the Logo is expected to be at the 8-10 May 2024 Working Group SA1 ‘3GPP Stage-1 Workshop on IMT2030 Use Cases’, held in Rotterdam.

3GPP granted ALICON SWEDEN on November 10th, 2021 the right to use the

"5G Advanced" marker (logo) on ALICON SWEDEN 5G presentations and marketing material .   The 3GPP decision to adopt the new marker (logo) for 5G was taken at the 3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG#46-e Meeting) in April 2021. The "5G-Advanced" logo is envisioned to mark the 3GPP Reports and Specifications, from Release-18 & onward. 

This is an evolvement to 3GPP granting ALICON SWEDEN on February 13th, 2017, the right to use

5G marker/logo (3GPP Rel. 15 and onward specifications) on presentations and marketing material about 5G.

Below attached is a list of some of the Akraino & Alicon Partnering Activities

 Akraino Forum for generating and evolving "innovative ideas"

Akraino Forum's purpose is to facilitate the on-going flow of Information to TSC and BPs' PTLs in terms of seminars, that take place each Tuesday at the Akraino TSC meetings. The presentations are conducted either by Akraino TSC member or a guest invited by Akraino TSC member.

The model behind that process aiming to facilitate outlining the Issues, that stands on the way and hinder to achive the Goals is denoted as G. A. I. N. (what is Needed to resolve the Issue(s) that hinders/stands on the way to Achieve the Goal(s)) (please see attached below Ref. Ericsson PtW).

The link to Akraino Forum for generating and evolving innovative ideas is: Akraino Forum for generating and evolving "innovative ideas"

The following presentation and input have been provided by Ike Alisson

1. Presentation on AI ML Opportunities in 2023 to Akraino TSC on Nov. 23, 2023.

2. Presentation on use of AI ML in 5G with specified AL ML Management Data Analytics, AI ML Model Transfer and AI ML Services KPIs on Nov. 4th, 2023

3. Presentation on AI ML Mobile Device Requirement Specification on Nov. 20th, 2023

4. Presentation on 5G Advanced Release specification on use of AI/ML in 5G with 5G Standard specified Management Data Analytics, Transfer of AI/ML Models Training, Knowledge Transker, defined AI/ML Service KPIs.

Link to the presentation on LinkedIn:

5. Presentation on Beyond 5G (B5G) and 6G Network Capabilities with the 5G Advanced Release  

The presentation focuses on elaboration of NGMN White Papers on Operators view on 6G and Cloud-native Manifesto related Network evolvements with the current 3GPP 5G Advanced Releases for new Services in B5G & 6G Programmable, Predictable, Deterministic Networks assuring Services with Performance and User Experience Guarantees.

6. Presentation on 5G Personal IoT Networks (PINs) enhancements in 5G Network and Application Layers to Akraino TSC on July 20 & July 27, 2023 

IKAL 5G PINs Network and Applic Layers Capabilities Rev PA10 July 27 2023 LI revised.pdf

 7. Presentation on Challenges in (selected) Cloud-native adoption in (distributed & disaggregated) MNOs  (5G and B5G) Networks need for Synergy between Compute, Storage, Networking and Communications

Ike A to LF Edge Akraino Comp Stor Netw & Commun & ETSI MEC AppD Mngmnt Present Dec 8th 2022 Rev PA06.pdf

8. Presentation on "5G Advanced Capabilities presented on September 22nd to LF Edge Akraino Technical Summit, Fall 2022

The presentation aimed to share selected nsights into 3GPP specifications for "5G Advanced" Release related to both, insights and pace of development related to "equivalent" NPNs/SNPNs (Private Networks) with support to non 3GPP Access and providing support for Localized Services, APIs evolvement for realization of Service Enablement Framework Services, Analytics on System & Application level, Enhacements on System & Application level for developing Applications/Service on the Edge, exemplifying the alignment between 3GPP EDGEAPP & ETSI MEC Architectures as part of the GSMA proposed in June 2021 Solution for providing E2E Solution for Edge Applications & some insights on the O-RAN Alliance SMO related non RT-RIC related to rApps.

Link to the presentation:

9. Ike Alisson input to LFN (Linux Foundation Networking) 5G Super Blueprint Project (SBP) on selected 5G aspects (links below):  

9.1 LFN 5G Super Blueprint Project (SBP) reflecting the comments/remarks made during the 5G and 5G Advanced selected Capabilities presentation on June 7th, 2022

Link to the input:

9.2 5G SBP 5G and 5G Advanced Capabilities

Link to the input:

9.3 5G SBP Cloud-native NFs (Network Functions) implementation in 5G

Link to the input:

9.4 5G SBP Security in 5G Architecture

Link to the input:

9.5 5G SBP Use Case - 5G Slicing

Link to the input:

9.6 5G SBP Use Cases related 5G Service Requirements

Link to the input:

10. Presentation on "5G and 5G Advanced" selected Capabilities to LFN 5G Super Blueprint Project on June 7th, 2022

11. Presentation on "5G Private Networks" (3GPP standard specified PNI-NPN/SNPN, Public Network Integrated - Non-Public Network/Stand-alone Non-Public Network) on March 9th, 2022 at LF Edge Akraino Technical Meeting, Spring 2022

12. Presentation on February 22nd, 2022 to LF Edge Board about Akraino 2021 Annual Review

13. Presentation on February 9th, 2022 to LF Edge TAC about Akraino 2021 Annual Review

Akraino OH Pres TAC Annual Review Rev A Feb 9th, 2022.pdf

14. Input on Akraino China co-operation with OpenGCC (Green Computing Consortium), EEC (Edge Computing Consortium) and SDNLab

15. Akraino presentation to KICS (Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences) about update on Open Source and Standard trends on 3GPP specifications for 5G, and IoT on November 24th, 2021.

KICS is the largest ICT Institute in Korea with over 26,000 members, 50 members, 8 domestic and 5 overseas chapters, and 30 specialized Research Groups. As the growth engine and leader of ICT in Korea that has achieved the greatest accomplishments in the world, KICS provides open networks for Universities, Corporations, Government-affiliated Agencies and Research Institutes to engage in Academic activities, Technical Cooperation and Policy Reviews in the fields of ICT-based Communications, Broadcasting and ICT Convergence Industries.

16. Presentation on October 4th, 2021 to Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Telecom User Group (TUG) on 5G selected Architecture Themes on 5G New Service Capabilities

17. Presentation as part of the Introduction co-speaker to the Akraino IoT Area Webinar / Regional Developer Meetup - Africa on September 15th, 2021


Link to Akraino IoT Area Webinar video presentation:

18. Presentation on July 27th, 2021 on Self-driving/Autonomous Cars to Akraino Automotive Area workshop as part of the Introduction to Open Discussion

19. Presentation on June 29th, 2021 to Akraino TSC on " 6G selected Architecture Themes as Sensing Networks through 3GPP PIoT (PINs), ETSI SAREF eHAWs, 3GPP Core RAN Synergy & CS (Cell Free) Solution

20. Presentation on March 23rd, 2021 to ETSI MEC ISG about LF Edge Akraino Project

21. Presentation on February 19th, 2021 to Akraino TSC API Sub-committee on the "5G System and Service Providers (SP) New Services: Data-centric Approach"

IKAL 5G PINs Network and Applic Layers Capabilities 

22. Input on IoT legacy OPC UA IEC 62 541 standard specification and 5G Personal IoT Network(s) (PINs) and oneM2M IoT Service Layer (SL) Platform Global Standard as a sub-catalogue to Akraino IoT Family Integration Projects (Blueprints)

5G Personal IoT Network(s) (PINs) and oneM2M IoT Service Layer (SL) Platform





oneM2M Layered Architecture Model.png    oneM2M interfaces to the 3GPP 5G Network.png image2021-3-3_22-49-45.png

23. Presentation to LF Edge TAC on Akraino Annual Review for 2020 from January 13th, 2021

24. Presentation to Akraino TSC API Sub-committee on the "Edge evolvement" in 5G Network Mobility and 5G ETSI MEC synergy from November 6th, 2020

25. Akraino liaison to LF Edge SOTE and input about Akraino Project to LF Edge SOTE Annual report from October 2020

26. Input presentation to Akraino TSC on Akraino Goals for 2020 from November 4th, 2019:

27. Contributions to Akraino API Sub-committee with Techical Reports and Specifications (TRs/GRs & TSs) on APIs evolvement from various SDOs such as 3GPP, ETSI MEC, TM Forum.

The link to Akraino API Sub-committee Docs Archive is: Akrano API Sub-committee Docs File Archive

28. Defining the procedure on How to request Documentation Review" at the Akraino Documentation Sub-committee 

For further information and insight on the procedure defintion, you may look at the Akraino Documentation Sub-committee link: Documentation Sub-committee

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